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P 1/2/3

Session 2017-18

Welcome to P1/23

This year we have a P1/2/3 class with 22 pupils.  Our teachers are Mrs Smart (Mon, Thurs, Fri) and Mrs Blackwood (Tues, Wed).


Mrs Smart

Session 2016-17

Welcome to P1/2!


Our teacher is Miss Bruce and we have 21 pupils in our class – 12 Primary 1’s and 9 Primary 2’s.

Our learning log…

Term 3 January – April 2017

P1/2 by James Grant…

This term our topic is Fairyland.  We got a special a letter asking for our help to build Fairyland.  We have built a castle and a beanstalk for Jack.  We have read Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk and we have done lots of writing about Beauty and the Beast.

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We are continuing to practice our number bonds to 10 in primary 1, and some beyond this.  In Primary 2 we are practicing number bonds to 20 and beyond.  Our new topic in Maths is money.  We have been looking at different coins and their shapes.  My favourite is the 2p coin.

In Music, we have been learning Scottish songs and in PE we have been doing circuits.  We are practicing bouncing a ball and throwing bean bags into a hoop.


Term 2 October – December 2016

By Molly: In P1/2 we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes.  A cube is a 3D shape and its net is made out of squares.  Our topic is ‘Nocturnal Animals’ and we now know lots 1 2 Molof facts about owls, hedgehogs and foxes.  Our writing has been about this too and yesterday we wrote facts about foxes.  In Art, we have been making owl pictures with coloured ink and coloured pencils.  We look forward to showing you them next week.  We have also been using our environment to help us with our art and colour work.  We have been learning lots of new sounds.  P2 have been learning about ‘ew’ and P1 have been learning about ‘j and y’.

Term 1 – September 2016

By James: In P1/2 our topic is Minibeasts and we have been reading James and the Giant Peach along with this.  We have made our own peaches out of paper mache and we have made giant characters for the wall.  We went on a class trip to Carnie Woods and saw lots of spiders!  We also saw worms, millipedes and centipedes.  Did you know that Ladybirds can fly?!


In Maths we have been learning and practising our numbers up to 10.  In Primary 2 they have been revisiting our number bonds to 20 and continuing to develop our mental maths skills using interactive games and the Big Maths challenge.


In French we have been learning to say Bonjour and Au revoir.  We have also been learning different colours and how to count to 10.


P1/2 Learning Log 2015-16

Term 3 Weeks 1-3 18th April – 6th May

We have a new topic called Katie Morag.  We created profiles about Katie Morag to describe her.  We all wrote letters to her because she sent us one so we replied.

In Maths, we are learning about the 2 times table and the 4 times table.  Sometimes we challenge each other to the answers of the sums.

On Tuesday 3rd May we had a visit from Kirkton of Skene Playgroup.  The P1’s buddied a Nursery pupil and the P2’s joined in.  There were lots of games and activities on offer so that we could learn together.  Luke and Toby were excellent buddies.  We also took some of the playgroup children on a tour of the school especially those who will be joining us after summer.

Our news from week ending Friday 1st April 2016…

We had Sooyang Do again on Wednesday. This week we did more practising of how to stand and how to block somebody. Then we had to run away and pretend someone was chasing us.

We made our very own maths games. We had to draw the board game and have sums on it. P1 had to do adding and take away sums and P2 had to do times tables. We played our games in groups. It was fun because there were lots of different games to play.

Our Mums and Dads came to see our classroom. They liked looking at all our work and seeing our books on the Ipads. Some people even played their maths games with their Mums and Dads and even brother and sisters.IMG_0571

We dressed up in red, black and yellow clothes to help raise money for Archie in Africa. We had a visit from Doctor George. He told us lots of interesting things about Uganda and how the money we raise helps children there. IMG_0572

We had a party for Gracie because she is moving schools. We had yummy snacks and gave Gracie her cards that we made in secret.  Good luck in your new school. Gracie!

An update from our Website Whizz, Beth, on 23/03/16

In Maths we were learning about fractions.  We were doing halves and quarters.  We had bits of paper and we had to fold them into halves and then quarters.

We are very excited to tell you all that the igloo is finished!!

We have been learning about Polar Bears.  We learned that they have fur and black skin underneath it even though they look white!  They also have blubber underneath their skin!

In Literacy, we have been writing Book Reviews for our Reading Books.

In RME, we have been learning about the Easter Story.  We are looking forward to sharing our work with your next week at the Open Evening.

One day for homework we had to do a talk about an artic animal.  I did reindeer as I saw them in the Cairngorms (Beth, P2).  Did you know that reindeer step in each other’s’ footprints so they don’t use up so much energy?

February 2016

Our current topic is ‘Winter Wonderland.’  We are having lots of fun learning about all aspects of our topic.  We are also creating an igloo out of recycled milk cartons.





We have been making predictions and carrying out experiments.  Here we are exploring how ice melts…



We are learning lots of common words.  We practise spelling them in lots of creative ways!

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We are developing our reading skills by reading aloud, sounding out our words and reading together to enjoy a variety of stories.

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