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P 5/6/7

Session 2017/18

Welcome to P5/6/7

This session our P5/6/7 class is taught by Miss Law.  We have 24 pupils and our classroom is located in the main building this year.


Session 2016/17

Welcome to P5/6/7!

Our teachers are Mrs Geddes (Mon/Tues//Fri) and Mrs Smart (Wed/Thurs).

We are the oldest class in the school just now and there are 23 of us – 4 P5’s, 9 P6’s and 10 P7’s.  Our classroom is in the port-a-cabin.

Our Learning Log…

Term 3 January – April 2017

P5/6/7 by Jess McWilliam…

In Maths we have been learning about money, fractions and decimals.  We have also been doing data handling on Wednesdays and Thursdays with Miss Hampton. In writing, we have been writing letters, emails and African fables.  We also wrote an imaginative piece about an African Adventure for our writing assessment.


In PE, we have been doing some gymnastics and now we are beginning to explore athletics as the weather is getting nicer and we can go outside.  In Art, we were creating silhouettes of African animals to tie in with our topic, ‘Africa’.  They look fantastic and are up on the wall for everyone to see.

Our P5/6/7 show this year is going to be Pirates of the Currybean.  We have casted for this and rehearsals began last week.  We are sure it is going to be lots of fun with many laughs and jokes for everyone to enjoy.

Community Tree Planting – Garioch Rangers and P5/6/7


Despite the wet and wintry weather, pupils in P5/6/7 participated in a community tree planting project with the Bennachie Rangers on 31st January. The pupils planted a selection of hawthorn, dog rose and holly trees near the pond at Arnhall Moss.  We will keep an eye on their progress but do have a look and see what you can see if you are visiting the Moss.

Term 2 October – December 2016

In P5/6/7 we have been learning about animation.  We are creating stick animations on Stick Nodes (ipad App) – we were allowed to choose the topic for these.   We are now learning stop motion animations.  We have been learning about Time, Angles and Shape in Maths.

challenge 567

In Writing we are developing our imaginative writing skills.  We have written about ‘The House on the Hill’ and a variety of other topics using story starters such as getting off a train, climbing the stairs and then…

In PE, we have been learning a variety of Scottish Country Dances.

Google Expeditions

We were very excited to have the Google Expeditions Team in on Thursday 3rd November for our P3-7 pupils.  We climbed Mount Everest, visited the Great Barrier Reef and saw Christ the Redeemer in Rio.  The virtual experience was fantastic and the children were amazed that they could visit these places from the comfort of their own classrooms.


Play Leaders

All of our Primary 6 and 7 pupils have been training hard to become Play Leaders.  Their assessment is this Friday and will be carried out by Matt, our Active Schools Coordinator.  As soon as we have our new cohort of Play Leaders, we will create a rota and get organising games in the playground for our younger pupils.



Primary 5/6/7 enjoyed two Curling sessions at the Curl Aberdeen.  They learned the basic skills and etiquette of the sport.  This was organised by Active Schools.

Term 1 – September 2016

By Jess: In P5/6/7 we have been learning lots of new things this term. We have been learning symmetry in maths, reflecting the shapes over the lines to make them bigger. Also we have been learning about angles and finding out the degrees of lines and in shapes.  In writing we have been focusing on functional pieces such as newspaper reports and reports.  We have written about the Falklands War and The Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Our topic is Conflicts around the world.  In topic, we have looked at different wars like the Syrian war, Vietnam War and World War 1. We have been exploring Buddhism in RME, learning all about what they believe. The class looked at meditation, symbols and beliefs. The lotus flower is a symbol and we made lotus flowers out of origami.


P5/6/7 Learning Log 2016-16

April 2016

We enjoyed the Vision Re-launch week, thinking about what Skene School means to us.  We also worked on the Values, putting them into groups and then creating 5 clear headings.  We created a set of behaviours/attributes to go with each of our values.

The whole school entered a competition to design a mural for the gym hall cupboards.  Mrs Cooper will reveal the winning design very soon…

We have started an Enterprise project looking at the different roles in a business and the skills required to set up and run a successful business.  We have applied for our positions and have each provided a character reference.  We have our mock interviews on Tuesday 10th May with Miss Hampton and a special visitor.

March 2016…

Primary 5/6/7 have been working very hard.

The primary 7’s have been doing Play Leader training. It was fun and we all passed.

Miss Hampton introduced us to morning starters, they are cool.

3 P7s went down to Miss Bruce’s class and helped her with her igloo and It was very fun to do and very sticky too

We have been helping the primary 1 & 2 make a book on an awesome app called Book Creator on the iPad.  We have made our own ones too.

On Thursday the 3.3.16, the whole school dressed up for world book day. We had things like Willy Wonka, Katness Everdeen, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland.  We learned all about education around the world and how fortunate we are.

We have been doing sequences in maths and now we have moved onto algebra.  It is really fun and it gets our brains working.

In science we are learning about the different types of farms.  Once we have completed our research we are delivering lessons to the whole class

In PE, Miss Hampton has been teaching us club golf and Mr Strachan has been teaching us Gymnastics.

February 2016…

untitled3Our topic this term is Influential Inventors and Inventions.  We are having lots of fun learning in all of the curricular areas.

In Art, we have been looking at Andy Warhall’s work and thinking about how he has influenced History.


untitled2 untitled

In groups, we have been looking at time as part of our Math’s work – we had to advertise and sell an item that could tell the time. This links to our topic as we have looked at how certain inventions have changed over time.

100_3617[1] 100_3607[1]

Our next step is going to be making inventions from what we have learnt so far.  We can’t wait!!!