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Session 2017/18

Welcome to P3/4

This year our middle stages class is P3/4.  We have 23 pupils and our teacher is Miss Bruce.  Our classroom is in the port-a-cabin.


Session 2016/17

Welcome to P2/3/4!

In P2/3/4 we have 25 pupils this year.  Our teacher is Miss Law.


Our Learning Log…

Term 3 – January – April 2017

We are all really enjoying our new project, Space.  We have been learning about Tim Peake and his recent space mission.  We have also learned about Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.  Did you know that some scientists think there is life on Mars?  We have been exploring this planet a lot.  We are now learning about Jupiter.  My favourite fact is that if Jupiter was not there then Earth could not live.  Jupiter sucks in all of the asteroids to stop them from hitting planet Earth.

spa spac 2

In Maths, we are starting to learn about money.  Some of us are learning about the decimal point and how to add and subtract using this.

We have Miss Hammond working with us for 9 weeks.  This term we have Mr Strachan and Miss Crawford for PE and Mrs Cooper for Art.  In Art, we have been exploring a two point perspective – we look forward to sharing our work with you soon.

Bible Alive

Our P2/3/4 pupils will be participating in Bible Alive Sessions for the next few weeks.  These are provided by Ms Stewart and Mrs Knight.  We had our first session on Monday and it was great!  The class will be using some of the knowledge that they learn to help present the Easter Assembly at Kirkton of Skene Church on Friday 31st March.  We hope to see as many of you there as possible.


Google Expeditions

We were very excited to have the Google Expeditions Team in on Thursday 3rd November for our P3-7 pupils.  We climbed Mount Everest, visited the Great Barrier Reef and saw Christ the Redeemer in Rio.  The virtual experience was fantastic and the children were amazed that they could visit these places from the comfort of their own classrooms.


Term 2 – October – December 2016

By Mack: In P2/3/4 we have been reading more of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  We are currently making WANTED posters – this is a link to the movie as some of the children have disappeared.

tesco 234

We went on a class trip to Tesco and went to the bakery there.  Pete the Baker showed us how to make bread.  We even saw a few familiar faces as we went around the shop… including my Auntie.  We have been writing thank you letters to send to Tesco.

In Maths, we are learning about subtraction.  It can be a wee bit tricky as you have to remember all of the rules to get the right answer.  We have been doing lots of reading activities and are loving the new books!

We have started preparing the Nativity and have done a couple of practises.  We need to keep learning our lines to make sure we know them for the night.

The Hour of Code

P2/3/4 and P5/6/7 took part in the ‘Hour of Code’ on Wednesday 7th December.  The children had lots of fun learning about programming and coding using algorithms.  They used devices such as the Beebots and Blu Bots as well as a drone and they even programmed their teachers!  We are hoping to build this in to some of our technology and computing science lessons in the near future.


Term 1 – September 2016

By Mack: In P2/3/4 we have been learning about Roald Dahl.  We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are up to Chapter 3.  We had great fun organising Roald Dahl Day for the whole school – we were all dressed up as a Roald Dahl character – I was Charlie Buckett with a Golden Ticket.

Our classroom is quickly turning into scenes from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. We have Willy Wonka and the Golden Gates, Wonka bars, sweeties and today we have been turning ourselves into Oompa Loompa’s.

In Maths we have been learning about shape and now are we working on Place Value.  We are re-visiting number bonds to 20 (P2/3) and 100 (P4).3 4

Next week we are going on a trip to the Aberdeen Science Centre – we are very excited about this!


P3/4/5 Learning Log 2015/16

18th April – 6th May 2016

We have set up a special corner in our classroom for us to read for enjoyment.  We have bean bags, a listening centre, comfy cushions and a huge selection of books! We even have a lava lamp. We have been looking at the different reasons we read and how important it is for us to enjoy reading. We have been bringing in our own favourite books and magazines to share.

In maths, we have been learning about fractions and how to compare them. We have been thinking about what we’d rather have ½ a cake or 3/4? ¼ of a pizza or a 1/2?

The P3/4’s have been learning some Scots language our favourite word is bahookie! I wonder why? Do you know what these words are? But n Ben, lum, claes and oxters. We learned words using a pairs game and reading the Gruffalo in Scots. We are going to be creating our own pairs game to play.

At last we have our new projector!

Week beginning 28th March 2016

This week we have been writing about a school day at Hogwarts.






We were also busying making our Harry Potter bee-bot mats and the bee-bots magically turned into Harry, Hermione and Ron!IMG_0049[1]

We loved having our mums and dads in the class and being able to show them our book-creators.

We were IMG_0048[1]busy making optical illusions pictures.  They turned out really magical.

Week beginning 14th March 2016…

This week we were using adjectives to describe the Great Hall at Hogwarts.  We were using our 5 senses to describe what we saw, heard, felt, smelt and tasted.  1

“The air smelt of melting wax.” Struan K

“I looked up and saw the moon reflecting in the water.” Struan M

“The walls were made of stone and sparkled from the candle light.”  Chloe

2 3

We were also making electrical circuit quizzes.  In maths we have been learning about money. We have using Book Creator to record our learning. Today music was great fun we got to learn the Sports Relief song, there’s lots of actions too.  In art we made ink pattern wands they look incredible (see above)!

Week beginning 7th March 2016 …

 Maths and Numeracy:
This week we have been learning about counting and sorting with jelly beans.  We were sorting our jelly beans into colours and putting it onto a graph.  We were learning about probability thinking about the chances of getting a colour of bean.  We used the words, likely, not likely, impossible and certain to.

In French, we were learning about numbers in French and learning how to ask for help if we were hurt when we were in France.

We have been reading the Journey to Platform 9 ¾.  We were introduced to the characters Ron and Hermione and were writing about their personalities.  We were also designing our own shops for Diagon Alley.

 W/c Monday 29th February…

This week we have been learning about Diagon Alley.  We have been designing our own wizard shops.  We are also painting a Diagon street in our classroom.    In Maths, we were 1learning about capacity to mix our own potions at Hogwarts.  We were playing Alien Cookbook on the netbooks to help us learn about measurement.  Yesterday (03/03/16), we all dressed up for World Book Day.  Jill and Susan from Westhill library told us stories and how to use the dewey system to find books.  We were using Book creator on the Ipads.

2 3

February 2016

This term we are reading Harry Potter and we are loving it! Not only are we enjoying the story but we are conducting science experiments too.  We have our first potion class next Friday with Techfest (19/02/16).

Here are a few of the things we have been doing so far:

We have been making chandeliers to decorate our classroom, it’s going to look just like Hogwarts. (Isla P3) Mrs Milne helped us to make brick walls it’s a lot trickier than you think.

We have been learning all about electricity and how to make circuits.  So far weIMG_5601[1] have made a bulb light up and a buzzer squeal (loudly).  Miss Law is now going to show us how to make a switch. (Liam P3)

We are loving using our new class netbooks.  We play Education City on them.  We all love going on to Play Live. (Struan K P3)  We play against one another or other people in the whole of the UK (Kaiden P5).  We also use the netbooks to get quicker at our mental maths (Karly P5)

Every morning we use the ipads to waken up our brains and prIMG_5603[1]actise our times tables. (Daisy P3)

We have made our own pet owls.  My owl is called Hazel its eyes glow in the dark (Chloe P5)

We have made wands and a plinth to put them on.  It has been really fun.  (Lara P4)