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School Meals

School Meal Prices

Lunch Tickets                  £2.15 or £21.50 for book of 10

Carton of Pure Fruit Juice

(Apple or Orange)                                   15p

Carton of Milk                                            20p

Tuck Shop Prices


Apple or Orange Cuplet                            15p

 Glass of Milk (Plain or Flavoured)           15p

 Milk Carton (Plain or Flavoured)             20p

Aquajuice Cup                                          25p


Fresh Fruit – Prepared or Whole            25p

Pots of Fruit                                            20p

Vegetable Sticks in a Bag                      20p

Cheese & Cracker                                  20p

Homebake of the Day (Fridays only)       20p

Please Note: On 29th February 2016, Skene School is ‘Going Live’.  Parents/Carers will be able to make on-line payments with debit or credit cards for their child’s school lunches.  We encourage all parents to register for this.

Not every tuck shop item listed above is available daily.