Skene School

Our Pupil Council

Session 2023-24

Our Pupil Councilmembers, supported by Mrs Smart, for this session are:

P1/2/3 – Bella and Reuben

P4/5 – Ailsa and Grace

P6/7 – Charlie and Alex S


Spruce up for Spring – 28th March 2024!

On the last morning of term we had a whole school ‘Spruce up for Spring’ event.  What a great way to brighten the school and grounds for spring, to plant more items for the ‘Skene Sustainable Superheroes’ project and for our Pupil Council group to make headway with their buddy bench!

The idea for the bench came direct from our group as a way to be more inclusive and to make the playground a better place.  The bench will be manned by members of the Pupil Council so if someone is on their own, doesn’t have anyone to play with or, would just like a chat, they can head to the bench where they will always be met by a friendly face and smile!  We love this idea!

Well done team, great effort with the benches!

World Book Day – 7th March 2024

We have been busy planning 4 exciting opportunities for WBD 2024 for everyone to get involved with:

  1. Book Swap

Bring in a book in to swap for another.  A bit like the Christmas Jumper Swap – a great and sustainable way to read more books.  You can bring in more than one (or if you are having a clear out, we would be delighted to accept any books from this).

2. ERIC (Everybody Reading in Class)

At set times throughout the day, a bell will ring and everybody, pupils, and staff, will stop what they are doing and enjoy reading/sharing their favourite stories until another bell rings to stop the session.

3. Whole School Book Quiz

Mrs Smart is creating a whole school Kahoot quiz based on books, authors, and famous stories.

4. Human Library of ‘Our Favourite Books’

Bring in your favourite book.  This is a round table activity where you will sit either side of a table and share your favourite book with the person across from you.  When the timer runs out, the inner circle will move clockwise to reveal a new partner – a great way to find out about more books and authors!


From the day itself…

What a busy and fun World Book Day 2024!
📕 We started our day with a Human library, sharing our favourite books with each other, making recommendations and being exposed to new authors and titles.
📚 Next up was our book swap! We were overwhelmed with the number of books on offer and were delighted that everyone was able to select a couple of new books to enjoy! (We may even open the shop for round 2 tomorrow as we still have lots left!)
📕 Each class had ‘ERIC’ time – everybody reading in class. It didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, we popped everything down and dived into the adventure of a book.
📚We finished the day with a House, book-themed Kahoot quiz.
A big thank you again to our Pupil Council for coming up with these fantastic ideas for us all 💡❤️📚👏🏻 .

Thursday 29th February 2024 – An extra day, our way!

As it is a Leap Year and we have an extra day in February, we decided to plan it ‘our way.’  We hosted a ‘Break the Rules Day’ and had lots of fun!

There were 10 pre-agreed rules that were up for breaking and WE HAD LOTS OF RULE BREAKING!  It cost 50p to break a rule and we raised a total of £132! Well done, everyone!

We had a bouncy castle in the Gym Hall which was so cool!  I think everyone paid for that one!  Extra break was very popular and an extra football day at break/lunch!  We got to choose the lunch menu for the day and did a survey of all pupils to find out what our favourites were – hot dogs and a hot mini meatball sub!  Yum yum!

Session 2019-20

This year our Concerned Councillors are:

P1 Nicole

P2 Cameron

P3 Erin

P4 Eden

P5 Emilie

P6 Beth

P7 Struan Knight


Previous Sessions – Pupil Council

At Skene School this year the children from P2-P7 all wanted to be in the Pupil Council, so they have been working in groups throughout the year to make a difference to our school and the outside world.

Comic Relief 2013

Pupil council Group 1 raised nearly £800 for Comic Relief!

Natalia won the Funny Face Photos Competition in P1-3

Natalia won the Funny Face Photos Competition in P1-3

The Pupil Council Red Nose Bake Sale

The Pupil Council Red Nose Bake Sale

Our Sponsored Pyjama Parade

Our Sponsored Pyjama Parade

Improving Our Library

Pupil Council Group 2 set to work on improving our library by

organising a tidy up day in the Easter holidays when all our old books went to the Salvation Army, and a Bring and Buy Sale to raise money to buy new books.

Our lovely new look library with the Pupil council members who organised it.

Our lovely new look library with the Pupil council members who organised it.

Trying to entice the parents to buy some books and toys at the Bring and Buy Sale Children In Need 2013

We raised £141.85 for Children in Need this year! We decorated cookies, had a pyjama day, designed Pudsey t-shirts and had an activities afternoon organised by the Play Leaders in P6. It was great fun!