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Mrs Knight and Mrs Blackwood  

Monday 15th – Tuesday 23rd April, reported by Blake

We have started a new CSI project called SOLAR.  We are investigating why the space ship went off course and was trapped in space for 8 months.  To be continued…

We are learning about evaporation in Science.  We are using plastic bags and drew the water cycle on it.  We added water and green food dye and left them on the windowsill.  We have been watching the water evaporate and the drawing fade.

In maths, we have been learning about decimals, adding and subtracting them and also linking them to fractions that we learned last term.

We did some sunflower art to brighten up our space for the term ahead.

In PE, we had a P4-7 game of Capture the Flag and we have also started practising athletics in preparation for Sports Day and the P5/6 Sandy Emslie competition.  We did get caught in the torrential rain and hailstones!

In writing, we have been learning about Haikus.  Can you guess who these Haikus are about?


Wednesday 6th – Tuesday 12th March, reported by Blake

In Science, we were exploring the engineering around windmills.  We listened to a presentation from an Engineer who shared why she wanted to do that job, what she does and why she enjoys it.  We were also testing out different propellers with a hairdryer, exploring different angles.  The best one was the blue one with the hairdryer 5cm away and at a 180 degree angle.

We did water colour paintings of tornadoes to link to our Extreme Weather topic.

We completed Episode 7 of the Case of the Mummy’s Return (Sleuth IT).  Now we have all of the evidence so next we will decide ‘who did it?’.  We will be creating a presentation and sharing it with the rest of the class.

Wednesday 28th February – Tuesday 5th March, reported by Charlie

In Maths, we have been learning about money with Mrs Knight.  We have been exploring profit and losses – I would rather been in profit than have a loss! On Thursday/Friday we have been looking at fractions and last week we were simplifying fractions.

We did episode 5 of our CSI case – The case of the Mummy’s return.  We worked out that the footprints were from a scorpion – we now wonder if the mark on Lord Carlton’s hand is a scorpion bite.

We enjoyed ‘Break the Rules Day’ on Thursday 29th February.  My favourite rules to break were having the bouncy castle in the hall and getting to play football for an extra day this week!

Monday 19th – Tuesday 27th February, reported Rory

In Technology, we made our own rock, paper, scissors game with the Microbits.

We learned about tsunamis as part of our extreme weather topic and we used Microsoft PowerPoint to make a Tsunami dictionary.

On Friday’s we go swimming at Westhill Swimming Pool with all of the P5-7’s at Skene, Echt and Dunecht.

In Maths, we have been learning about money.

We continued our CSI case of ‘The case of the Mummy’s Return.’  As we gathered more evidence and solved more clues, we recorded our first predictions on who the culprit was.

A big well done to the Skene Scones who came 3rd in the Westhill and District P7 Rotary Quiz on Monday (26th) evening.

w/c Monday 8th January 2024, reported by Alex G

Happy New Year from everyone in P6/7!

This week we have participated in the Young Environmentalist Rotary Competition.  We were thinking about plastic pollution and how we could minimise waste.  We did some research and then presented our findings and ideas.  Some of us made PowerPoints and some posters.  Here are some of the slides from my groups presentation…

In Maths, we have been learning about Time and multiplication.

In Science, we were exploring circuits using fans, lightbulbs, buzzers and doorbells.  We had crocodile clips, battery packs and motors. It was great fun – the best Science lesson yet!

In PE, we started learning about uni-hoc.  In order to start the game you need to do a ‘face-off.’  We learned how to hold the stick correctly and practised our passing too.

w/c 27th November, reported by Ruby

This week we have been busy with our spelling work!

We have been learning about coordinates in Maths and they even crept into Science!  We played Battleships to practise and in Science, we used dimple trays to create a picture by following the coordinate instructions.  We made a beautiful butterfly.

We did some research about weapons and armour from the Scottish Wars of Independence and followed this up with a Kahoot Quiz.  We have each selected a different weapon and we are ready to make them today!

In PE, we had fun going over the Riverside Jig and Military Two Step and this week we learned The Dashing White Sargent.

w/c 20th November, reported by Daniel

On Monday, we welcomed a new Primary 7 pupil to our class – welcome Morgan!

We visited Pitcairn Lodge as part of our intergenerational group.  We played games with the residents such as boules, table tennis, air hockey, dominoes and jigsaws.

This week we have been creating portraits of Robert the Bruce and learning about his key role in the Scottish Wars of Independence.  We learned a lot about this on our class trip last week too!

On Thursday afternoon we learned two Scottish Dances as a whole school – The Riverside Jig and the Military Two Step.

w/c 6th November, reported by Euan

On Monday we welcomed a new pupil to our P7 group – welcome to Skene Ethan.

As part of our topic work, we created our own Coat of Arms.  We had to include features which shared our personality.  Different animals represented different things e.g. deer = intelligence, dog = loyalty.  We had to create a moto to go with it.

In Science, we explored the life cycle of a mosquito and examined each stage under the microscope.

On Thursday welcomed another new P7 pupil for a visit.  She joined us for some collaborative art – we look forward to her joining us on 20th March. For this task we explored colour and learned what the terms primary colours, secondary, tertiary, hue, analogous and opposite colours meant in relation to the colour wheel.


Session 2019-20

Tuesday 21st April – First Aid

Please see below the instructions for the First Aid sessions today.

First Aid Skills Instructions

Time Capsule

Please see below a document with all of the Time Capsule suggestions for Monday – Friday.

Time Capsule – All activities

Monday 20th April

Here are the 2 power-points for today.

Your Brilliant Brain P4-7 Time Capsule

Our P6/7 class for session 2019-20 is taught by Miss Law.  There are 21 pupils in the class and our classroom is in the Port-a-cabin.

Meet our teacher…

Session 2018-19

Our P5/6.7 class for session 2018-19 is taught by Miss Law.  There are 21 pupils in the class and our classroom is in the Port-a-cabin.

Meet our teacher…


P567 are enjoying learning about natural disasters and they have been keeping me on my toes with some tricky questions!

I’d love to take them on a school trip to see a real volcano however the risk assessment would be horrendous. Our amazing artwork will be on display soon.  I’m having a little bit of bother uploading the photographs : (


Remembrance Assembly

Today, P567 proudly presented their Remembrance Assembly. We shared the PowerPoint below during the two-minute silence.  We have uploaded a video of our assembly into our book creators.

Class Assembly Final


Class Trip to the Gordon Highlanders Museum and the street tour of Aberdeen

Yesterday, P567 had a fantastic time at the Gordon Highlanders Museum. They tried on soldier’s uniforms, handled artefacts from World War II as well as learning about life as a Gordon Highlander. The museum is well worth a visit. The highlight of the day was visiting an Anderson shelter in Aberdeen. As one child said, “I will never forget this!” Thank you to the parent forum for agreeing to fund the trip and Mrs Noble and Mrs Milne for their help and photography skills. And of course the children for being wee !

Week commencing Monday 1st October

FAO Miss Law’s P5/6/7 Parents

Please remind the children to bring some cosy clothes in a bag for the walk tomorrow afternoon and to remember their packed lunch. The weather forecast looks like it may just stay dry but please ensure your child is prepared just in case.

Sadly we are still waiting for some permission slips. We have chased for these and without them the child cannot attend. Please ensure it is with them tomorrow morning otherwise they will remain at school with P4/5 – there will not be time for us to chase again in the morning.

Thank you.

Week commencing Monday 27th August

Please see below a copy of our Welcome Newsletter for this session: