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Primary School Lunches

The current price of a school meal is £2.65. You can pay online for primary school meals. Find out more about school payments and how to add funds to your account online.

Aberdeenshire Primary school meals and menus are the culmination of work that involves comprehensive recipe and menu planning.

View the current menu here:  School Lunch Menu April 24 to March 25

Schools should be advised of any food allergies or medically prescribed dietary support during the school induction process or when a condition is identified. Find out more about special diets including access to the Nursery and Primary School Menu Allergen and Nutritional Information portal.

We strive to provide a service of excellent quality in line with national standards and guidelines such as the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2020.

Our menus have been translated into 5 different languages for families who have English as a second language:

The benefits of having a school lunch:

We support a healthier diet with:

In addition to the main course we offer:

We use: