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Miss Law

Monday 15th – Tuesday 23rd April, reported by Blair

We had a busy start back to school as there was a big leak in the port-a-cabin so we now have our classroom in the gym hall.  I quite like it there because we can play games if we need a brain break.

In Science, we were learning about wind power.  We had to make our own our windmills and used a hair drier for the wind.  We were testing how fast it can go.

In Maths, we are learning about coordinates.  We have been playing four in a row – we have to say where we are putting the cone using coordinates.  Whoever got four in a row first was the winner.  We played a game in pairs where we had to create the coordinates to spell a certain word; I did it for Harry Kane, my third favourite footballer.  We also played Battleships and used the Beebots.

We have been writing about Chapter 11 of How to Train your Dragon.  We also used this for comprehension and we had to write in sentences.


Wednesday 6th March – Tuesday 12th March, reported by Ursula 

We have been writing stories about Hiccup when Toothless woke up, inspired by our class novel, How to Train Your Dragon.  In my story, Toothless wanted fish and he wanted to eat the cat which is called Fiddlesticks! They took Toothless into the Vast Room where there were mice so he could eat them!

In computing science we have been using the Microbits.  On Thursday, we used code to make our own ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game.  You can play against others – you have to shake the Microbit and it decides rock, paper or scissors.  It was great fun!

In Science we had to make a fan spin – we had to make a circuit and then attach it to the fan.

In Maths, my group are learning to subtract from near thousands using the written method.

Wednesday 28th February – Tuesday 5th March, reported by Grace

We have been making Wellbeing Warrior posters to remind everyone about Healthy Tuck Shop and our current mission, Eat them to Defeat them.

In Science, we have been exploring electricity.  We made our own ‘buzzer’ games but with a light.  You needed a steady hand to make sure that the hook did not touch the wire otherwise the light would go on.

In Maths, we have been enjoying some SAMSON mental maths and this week the focus has been taking away.

On Monday, we were learning about Norse language and the Runic alphabet. Can you guess who is behind the name?

We enjoyed ‘Break the Rules Day’ on 29th February – everybody loved the bouncy castle in the gym hall.  My favourite rules to break were the bouncy castle and not wearing school uniform for the day.

Monday 19th – Tuesday 27th February, reported by Nell

We have started our Bible Alive sessions and yesterday we had one with Callum and Pauline.  We explored 2 stories from the Old Testament, one that included 3 women called Ruth, Naomi and Esther.


In Maths, we have been sorting out the popularity of sports.  9 people liked football.  We then used the Chromebooks and Just2data to record our findings.

In Technology sessions we have been using Microbits. We made a pedometer with it and recorded our steps.

Linking to our topic, we have designed and created our own dragons this week.

My mum has been making dragon eggs with my class – we got to choose if we had a secret opening at the bottom or not.  We made a pattern using different tools.  It was good to have my  mum in school :).


On Monday 19th February we continued our intergenerational work with a visit to Pitcairn Lodge. We entertained the residents with some Just Dance and played a variety of interactive games with them too.  We have volunteered to help the staff and residents with their garden in the coming weeks and months.

w/c Monday 8th January 2024, reported by Bailey and Dillon

Happy New Year from P4/5!

Our new topic is the Vikings.  This week we have been making dragon eggs from Paper Mache – it was messy but fun!! We started reading How to train your Dragon and we read Hiccups note.

Look at some of the fantastic WOW words we came up with for our writing!!!

On Thursday afternoon we were coding using Microbits.

In Maths, we were playing Education City to practise our skills.


w/c Monday 27th November, reported by Murray

On Monday afternoon we visited Pitcairn Lodge and sang 3 songs to the residents – Donald fars your troosers, Northern Lights of Auld Aberdeen and Scotland the Brave.  Afterwards we played games with the old people.  I played Balloon Tennis, Air Hockey and Four in a Row.  I also had a chat with an old lady called Maureen, she was very nice and said that she once visited the Queen!


On Wednesday, we planted 500 bulbs by the fence where the field is.  We had help from the Garioch Ranger to do this.  We are excited for Spring to see the bulbs flowering.


We were playing games on Just 2 Easy which was great fun!  One of the games was like coding and we had to get the spaceship to visit all of the planets and then return to the moon.


In PE, we played Ghost Busters and Musical Arms.  Since it was St Andrews Day, we also had 500 miles playing.


w/c Monday 20th November, reported by Grayson

Over the last two days we have been writing stories about James and the Giant Peace – the peace has even gone into New York!  Next, we are going to write newspaper reports to share that the peace has landed on top of the Empire State Building!!!

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication sums to do calculations such as 74 x 3.  Some are quite hard and others less so, we are getting the hang of it!

In Science, we have been zooming in on mosquito carcases with the microscopes.

On Thursday morning, we arrived in a whirlwind due to the weather.  We were chasing greenhouses, hunting for missing plant pots and using bamboo sticks/litter pickers to get pots out from under the ramp.  What an adventure!

We finished the week with a fun Kahoot quiz!

w/c Monday 6th November, reported by Cody

On Monday, we were completing our Daily Maths workout which makes us think as it has a little bit of everything in it!

We took part in the Great Bat Flying STEM Challenge – we had to make the wings move without touching them.  I put string on both wings and some in the middle so that I could pull the string and that made the wings flap.

In writing, we had to write four facts about our type of spider, my one was a fishing spider.  One of my facts is: the fishing spiders hairy legs can repel water so that it doesn’t get wet!

We created spider webs out of three sticks.  We had to make a structure and then wrap/weave the string around it by going over then under, over then under and on to the next one – this was to make the silk.  We hung the finished webs at the top of the ramp – they look great!



Session 2019/20

Tuesday 21st April – First Aid

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First Aid Skills Instructions

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Monday 20th April

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Our P3/4 class for session 2019-20 is taught by Mr Spicer. There are 21 pupils in the class and our classroom is in Room 1B.

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August 2018

Our P3 class for session 2018-19 is taught by Mrs Crawford. There are 15 pupils in the class and our classroom is in Room 1A.

Meet our teacher…

Week commencing Monday 27th August

Please see below a copy of our Welcome Newsletter for this session:


We Loved Learning About Egypt

Primary 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Egypt topic.  They learned about the Ancient Egyptian way of life and how it differs to their own.  They carried out STEM challenges, science experiments, researched different artifacts, gods and pharaohs, made Egyptian bread, replica mummies and sarcophagi, scarab beetles, amulets, pharaoh portraits, canopic jars, papyrus paper and Tutankhamen’s death masks. They learned how to write in hieroglyphs and wrote messages to each other.  They also learned the story of Moses and how he rescued the slaves from Egypt. At the end of our topic we held an Egypt’s Got Talent contest where the children had to pretend to be a god of their choice and we voted for who we thought was the best – Anubis won – god of embalming and the dead.

Friday 23rd November 2018

Primary 3 have had a fantastic time learning about Ancient Egypt and were lucky to go to the University of Aberdeen today to see their Ta-Kheru exhibition.  Here we got see Ta-Kheru’s mummified body and her external coffin (sarcophagus); we learned that she had two coffins; an internal coffin and an external coffin (the lid of the inner coffin is still in Germany).  We also saw what she would have looked like when she was alive and a holographic projection of what was under the bandages through technology from CT scans. As well as this we handled ancient Egyptian artifacts and made our own amulet necklaces.

Susan Curran from the University shared her knowledge of Egypt and the exhibition with us.

Canopic Jar which held Ta-Kheru’s liver.

A comb and a tray (fish) for holding their eye make-up.

Ta-Kheru’s mummy.




















Ta-Kheru’s sarcophagus.


Ta-Kheru was an old woman when she died.




Holographic image of Ta-Kheru’s skeleton.







The Eyes of Horus amulets.

Make-up tray.











Making amulet necklaces.