Skene School

House of Fun!

Skene’s House of Fun 2023-24!

For session 2023-24, our House and Vice Captains are:



Carnie Captain – Erin Cruickshank, Vice Captain – Mohammed Houhou

Easterskene Captain – Euan McGrath, Vice Captain – Poppy Graham

Garlogie Captain – Amy Reid, Vice-captain – Rory Buck

The current leader board is as follows:







March House Challenges:

Who wants to be a millionaire?

On the afternoon of Tuesday 26th March, we held our Skene School version of the popular quiz show, Who wants to be a millionaire?  Our House and Vice Captains took to the spot light answering a range of questions about events and happenings within the last year.  Each house had 3 lifelines, 50/50 (two wrong a answers removed), phone a friend (any house member in the audience, pupil or adult) and ask the audience (their won house members) as well as having 2 safety nets at 10 points and 25 points. 

The results…

Garlogie took a gamble on a question they were not 100% sure about and left with 10 points.  Carnie and Easterskene both made it to the next safety net of 25 points before bowing out with an incorrect guess.  We allowed everyone to try the last few questions and offered some bonus points for them.  Easterskene were our overall winners – well done!

Spring Flower Power

Now that we are officially in Spring, we wish to brighten up the school, our community and our homes.  Here is our Spring Flower Power challenge:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Flower Power competition and congratulations to our winners:

Category: Physical bouquet

1st – Poppy

Category: Paint/draw/image of flowers

1st – Nell

2nd – Helaina

3rd – Amy


Bring a Book into the 21st Century

With World Book Day on Thursday 7th March, our next challenge is ‘Bring a Book into the 21st Century.’  Details below.

Thank you to everyone who took part.  The results are as follows:

Category 1: P1/2/3

1st: Evie

2nd – Angus

3rd (joint) – Milo and Finn

Category 2: P4/5

1st: Nicole

2nd: Grace

Category 3: P6/7

1st – Erin

2nd – Poppy

February’s House Challenges:

Wow! What a fantastic array of creativity and delicious goodies!  The judges had a very tricky time deciding the winners but here we go…

Category 1: Cakes and Cupcakes

1st – Amy

2nd – Morgan

3rd – Eli

Category 2: Brownies and Marshmallows

1st – Daniel B

2nd – Helaina, Ember, and Ramsey

3rd – Jamie

Category 3: Other sweet treats

1st – Erin

2nd – Murray

3rd – Finn


Deal or No Deal

This month we saw Carnie and Garlogie take on the banker in their own episodes of Deal of No Deal.  We cannot fault the sportsmanship and perseverance of both houses – well done!

January’s House Challenges and results

Easterskene were first to take on ‘Deal or No Deal.’  Matilda and Daniel B played a fantastic game, keeping the Banker on her toes every step of the way.  With a nail-biting ending and the team deciding ‘No Deal’ for the final offer, they were faced with winning either ‘4’ or ‘100’ House Points.  Perhaps they should have taken the swap as they came away with 4 house points which the Banker kindly rounded up to 10.  The whole house demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and resilience – well done everyone!

Session 2019-20

This session our Charity Champions are:

P1 Grace

P2 Amy

P3 Ruby

P4 Lochlan

P5 Shayne

P6 James S

P7 Mack


Previous Sessions

After a year of hard work by our whole school community, UNICEF awarded us our Record of Commitment, the first stage in the UNICEF Rights Respecting School programme. We are now entitled to use the award logo alongside our own:

Christmas Community Cafe
We had a great turnout for our Christmas Community Cafe run by the Rights Respecting School Group and the Fairtrade Group. Here we are giving our presentation to all our visitors on what we’ve been doing so far and how they could get involved.
RRS pres Comm Cafe

Rights Respecting School Group

We are working towards our Record of Commitment.
We are giving a presentation at our Christmas Community Cafe on Wednesday 11th December (9.30 – 10.40) and our first community meeting is on Tuesday 17th December at 2pm. Please get in touch with Mrs Bisset if you would like to get involved.