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P1/2/3 with …

Miss Bruce and Mrs Smart

Wednesday 6th March  – Tuesday 12th March, reported by Bellamy

We have been learning about the Stone Age and have been writing stories about it.  In my story, someone fell and travelled back in time and met a girl called Om. She met their family and they hunted for a deer together.  The boy and Om went into a cave and a Sabre Tooth Tiger appeared – the boy fell in shock and travelled back to normal time.  He told his family but they didn’t believe him!

We have also been learning about dinosaur fossils.  Did you know that the first dinosaur fossil found was a … poop!  We have a lady coming to talk to us about this on Friday.

In Maths, we have been practising our times tables.  My group have been doing the 5 x table.  I like doing it in chimney sums as it makes it easier.

Wednesday 28th February – Tuesday 5th March, reported by Sandy

In Maths, we have been counting in 5’s and 2’s.

We were working with Nell’s mum to make medals out of clay linked to our topic.  We put patterns on them using shells and tools.

We have been learning and writing about Woolly Mammoths.  My favourite facts are that woolly mammoths are very big and have 2 long tusks.

We enjoyed ‘Break the Rules Day’ last Thursday – we had a bouncy castle in the hall!  My favourite rule to pay to break was getting extra break – I played ‘tag’ outside in the break before lunch and had more bouncy castle time for the afternoon one.


Monday 19th – Tuesday 27th February, reported by Ember

We made Woolly Mammoths out of milk cartons because our topic is The Stone Age.

We have been making our own tools out of sticks including small paintbrushes.  We then used these to paint patterns.

In writing, we have been planning and writing stories based on The Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson.  My story is going to be about a Cave Baby and a Woolly Mammoth.

w/c Monday 8th January 2024, reported by Ramsey and Bella

Happy New Year everyone!

This week we have been looking at our family tartans and have been writing and drawing them.  We have learned lots of doric words such as hoose, moose, loons and quines and fit like?

We have been making up our own Loch of Skene Monsters.  We wrote about them in doric using lots of describing words!

“My monster had 4 arms and spikes all over his body”.  (Ramsey)

“My monster had wings with tiny red spot on it.  It also had 2 red horns.” (Bella)

We joined P4/5 for PE on Monday and the P5’s taught us some new games.  Our favourite was Pizza Tag!


w/c 27th November, reported by Robyn

This week we have been learning about different shapes like the circles, stars and ovals.

We finished our writing about our leaf creature characters and now they are up on the wall.

We started practising for our nativity, The Sleepy Shepherd.  I am an angel.  I have been practising my line at home.  We have lots of songs to learn.

w/c 20th November, reported by Oscar

In Spelling, my group were learning about double letters – zz, ll, ss and ff.

We wrote about the leaf creatures that we made last week.  My creature was called Tilly the Turtle – the ‘ttt’ in the title is an example of alliteration.

In Science, we are continuing our learning about mosquitoes – the ones we have to look at are dead(thankfully)!

In Maths, we have started a new topic on shape.  This week our focus has been on 2d shapes – they are the ones that are flat like rectangles, circles and triangles.  Not spheres though because they are not a circle but a ball so they are 3D.

w/c 6th November, reported by Bellamy

This week, we made leaf creatures and used these for our writing.  We had to think of lots of adjectives to describe them.  Our challenge was to use alliteration.


We had assembly on Tuesday with Rev Stella and Callum about Remembrance.  On Thursday, we created our very own poppy pictures using our pinkies and thumbs.

In Science, we were looking at the life cycle mosquitoes.  There are lots of different stages.  We really enjoyed using the microscopes to get a really close look!


Session 2019-20

Tuesday 21st April – First Aid

Please see below the instructions for the First Aid sessions today.

First Aid Skills Instructions

Time Capsule

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Time Capsule – All activities

Monday 20th April

Here are the two power-points for today’s task.

Your Brilliant Brain P1-3 Time Capsule

Our P1/2 class for session 2019-20 is taught by Miss Bruce.  There are 17 pupils in the class and our classroom is in Room 1A.

Meet our teacher

Session 2018-19

Meet our teachers…

Miss Bruce (left) and Mrs Smart (right).

Week commencing Monday 27th August

Please see below a copy of our Welcome Newsletter for this session:

P1-2 P1-2

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

As part of our Minibeast topic we went on a worm hunt in the playground. We discussed that when we were digging for worms we had to be gentle and make sure we did not hurt the worms.

We found lots of worms all different sizes. Look at the long worm one group found:

We then made a wormy for our worms using soil and sand and we put leaves and grass on the top. We saw that the worms made tunnels and the soil and sand were mixed together.

Wednesday 30th January 2019

P1/2 enjoyed our visit to the ALEC tent. We were learning all about the different parts of our body and how to keep our bodies healthy.

During our Soft Start every morning, we have been doing lots of different activities to make our fingers and hands stronger and ready for writing! Here are some photos of us doing some of the fine motor activities:

Term 3

Our topic this term is Scotland. We have been learning about the Scottish artist Steven Brown. We created our own Highland Coos in the style of Steven Brown’s paintings.

We used colourful wool to make our Highland Coos look hairy! Here are some photos of our finished Highland Coos: